A media fueled controversy that  really doesn't matter, much less is a legitimate controversy.  I.e. the Colin Kaepernick National Anthem hullabaloo, referenced in episode 4, part 1.


A modern and fake version of the classic American Hobo.  The Fauxbo is not actually broke and in many cases actually has plenty of funding, typically from parents who don't know the FauxBo's whereabouts.  Referenced in episode 4, part 3.



The forthcoming apocalypse of an oligarchy run by nerds.  Currently inflicting their power on us via summer blockbuster movies, original Netflix dramas, e-sports, and fucking with Oakland bra.  It's fucking Oakland.  Stay in your valley, Nerdagarcists.  Referenced in episode 4, part 1.


A performing enhancing drug used at MOMs Ball, as referenced in Episode 8, Part 1.  Also, see Howard Dean's thoughts on Donald Trump.



As referenced in Episode 8, Part 2, this is the characteristic of being strident or unbending regarding an old school ideal.


Referenced in an early podcast, this is the practice of searching for and finding a pornographic performer who resembles someone you know, such as a former sex partner, a crush, etc.


Originated when friend of the podcast Alvin King was in the studio watching the Saints MNF game and the first presidential debate simultaneously.  See Hillary Clinton.


When a significant amount of residential property in a dilapidated, abandoned neighborhood is purchased and renovated by same-sex partners, thusly revitalizing said neighborhood with the distinction of not displacing any original homeowners. See landscape architecture and garden parties.  See straight people are afraid of abandoned neighborhoods and thus only participate in gentrification. (Geoff does not condone this term, for the record).


As defined by the American Psychiatric Association, DJTLCD is a recently diagnosed transference condition in which the sufferer feels immediate pangs of guilt and/or emotional distress, having arbitrarily uttered contextually appropriate words or phrases such as 'tremendous', 'believe me', 'i heard someone say', or 'wow, that's huge'.